Revenue Velocity’s Principals have worked on Federal Government management projects for decades and have contributed tremendous knowledge and bench strength to many agencies and departments that have needed assistance from subject matter experts in all fields of project management, process design, implementation, and execution. Our Principals and Client Managers have all worked on multi-year assignments with firms such as Accenture, Deloitte, and other national management consulting practices.

IT & Technology

Our Principals and team members bring tremendous domain knowledge in the IT Consulting systems world, including SAP, Oracle, People Soft, Great Plains, and IBM. Many of these areas include data center storage, disaster recovery, hardware inventory and tracking, software systems integration, and outsourced Network Operations Center (NOC) support. Our IT and Technology practice crosses many different types of OS systems including Linux and MicroSoft with a variety of applications. Throughout the years, we have been involved in new implementations, turnarounds, and re-engineering of data and IP Telephony (IPT) projects.

Software (SaaS and Hosted)

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a huge buzzword and many large Fortune 500 firms are now researching how to save money and gain built-in disaster recovery benefits with plans using SaaS and hosted alternatives to onsite options. Our team has been involved in assessing many large carrier applications for clients with 3rd party vendors by providing inventory management, cost reconciliation, revenue assurance tracking, cost analytics, and fully automated vendor dispute and claims resolutions across many industry sectors and vertical markets.  


Revenue Velocity brings a deep domain knowledge in the telecommunication service provider space with decades of experience at the executive and senior levels of multi-national firms such as Cable & Wireless, MCI and Verizon.  Also, the Principals and Client Managers have experience working with regional providers in the carrier, VOIP, CLEC, ISP, and Cable verticals in telecom. Our team also brings an extensive background in the IP Telephony and hardware services space. We have helped many clients identify ways to outsource the hosting and managed services functions of their telecom infrastructure and removed 85% of the capital and operational expenditures for hardware and software in running their daily operations.

Financial Services

Our Principals have experience working on project management programs to implement some of the latest government compliance requirements with new technology and software tools. With access to subject matter experts in these fields, we help clients with documentation, filing and staying compliant with the latest state and federal requirements being imposed on many of the largest financial institutions and credit card processing firms.

Wireless & RFID Technology

Revenue Velocity has experience working with wireless back haul providers in performing market analysis, competitive analysis and technology comparisons, as well as working with technology design teams on new technology for wireless tracking, scanning and inventory control. Our Principals have experience with the wireless MVNO space and cellular resale programs offered by some of the largest carriers in the industry such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Additionally, our team has worked on national wireless programs managing product and marketing launches, while developing complete go-to-market strategies and national sales distribution channel models.


Our team has managed large and small-scale implementations of project management programs to consolidate multiple facilities in multiple states. Our clients' projects have resulted in a reduction of overhead and increased overall performance with much higher efficiencies and results for the organization. Revenue Velocity’s team members have experience working alongside executive teams to perform long term planning for growth, expansion and consolidation thru acquisition and industry specialization. Our teams understand the need for all Healthcare institutions and organizations to rapidly automate their compliance requirements for all levels of government; thus, facilitating the need to implement specific policies and procedures, and help manage the new requirements for these organizations to become compliant with the many new requirements and regulations. We provide accountability by tracking, archiving records and managing huge inventories of reports, supplies, and all types of assets to ensure complete life cycle management.

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