Project Management & Design

Our team has decades of project management experience on multi-year projects that span large government projects, new vertical market launches, regional help desk implementations, complete order to implementation management, and change control re-engineering projects. All of these projects have yielded higher results for our clients.

Asset Tracking & Inventory Control

The Revenue Velocity Principals, Client Managers and Project Leads have all been involved in large physical inventory projects with asset tracking and scanning, and have vetted and selected the latest Bar Code and RFID tracking and scanning systems. We have experience in analyzing both hardware and software, and have managed the evaluation, selection and implementation processes for inventory management projects of all sizes.

Business Development

Revenue Velocity’s Principals and team have decades of executive-level Business Development experience helping organizations succeed in building their internal and external customer base through organic growth using a multi-distribution channel approach, which includes strategic partners. With our large rolodex of key executives, we are able to open doors in many vertical markets and industry sectors. The desired results are increased revenues, greater distribution and a significant increase in bottom line profits.

Sales Channel Development

Our Principals bring over 50 years of combined experience in Sales Channel Development and Management. With this experience in building direct sales, indirect (agent) sales, inside sales, and OEM / wholesale channels in large, multi-national, Fortune 500 firms, we can deliver significant ROI for our clients.  We also work with early stage entrepreneurial firms and have produced outstanding results for our clients - within budget, on time, and in a sustainable, scalable and profitable business environment.

Business Process Re-engineering

Revenue Velocity possesses decades of experience and the expertise necessary to work with our clients to perform the initial assessment and survey of their current processes, procedures and policies in order to clearly document and identify what processes are working and which ones could be improved. The Revenue Velocity team will chart and draft reports while making recommendations to increase efficiencies, enhance production, improve automation, reduce overhead, and lower overall organizational costs.

Physical Inventory & Site Surveys

The entire Revenue Velocity team, including our specialists, have decades of experience in counting, tagging, labeling, and coding all types of inventory - both in large environments and remote sites. We use the latest technology to fully automate the process and employ various methods of conducting an inventory, including Cycle Counts and Full Counts. We manage and report on the inventory process end-to-end, to provide Senior Management clear, accurate and concise reporting of all inventory, while allowing future tracking with complete integration into the organizations accounting system and general ledger.

Systems Integration & Design

Over the years, our team has been involved in both large and small system integrations for mergers, acquisitions, and new system implementations. Whether it is a new system or upgrade to a Great Plains, Oracle, SAP, People Soft, or other application implementation, Revenue Velocity uses only highly skilled and experienced talent on its system integration projects. From creating the initial assessment requirement documents, to the long-term personnel training plan, our team of coders, planners, managers and trainers works with our clients to deliver a seamless and painless integration. Plus, we will develop the change control procedures, policies and documentation to ensure all internal customers have a positive experience during the implementation.

Sales & Marketing Development

The Revenue Velocity team has over 35 years experience in executive sales management, marketing, planning, forecasting, and developing go-to market  campaigns. From developing job descriptions, compensation plans, sales forecasts by channel, by product and by region, our experienced team of Principals and Client Managers work with our clients to clearly define their needs and develop a plan of action, budget and desired results. We have built national, regional and local sales and marketing teams in many industries including technology, telecom service, software, and many other vertical sectors. To begin, we identify the goals and objectives with our client. Then, we put together a plan that can be implemented to deliver the desired results within the desired time frame and budget.

Product Development

Our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver new products to market with a complete go-to-market strategy, which is clearly identified. We perform competitive analysis, market analysis, channel analysis, margin analysis, and project share analysis in given verticals, markets and industry sectors. A complete go-to-market strategy is developed with the client with a comprehensive budget and project timeline begin delivering revenues. The entire process is documented and project managed from end-to-end with constant and consistent monitoring and reporting to our client.

Strategic Recruiting

Whether a client needs a new board member, CxO, or other specific management talent, the Principals at Revenue Velocity can fill a skill set need or niche position in certain vertical markets - typically in less time and with less pain than the clientís HR Department. Many times these individuals have to be recruited away from a clientís competitors in a very professional, legal and careful process. We help clients hire the best skill sets in their industry by employing professional, well thought out plans to recruit one or dozens of specifically skilled individuals - usually "under the radar scope".

M&A, Due Diligence & Financing

Whether you want to stealthy seek out acquisition targets, purchasing a potential competitor, or seeking financing to acquire an existing target(s), Revenue Velocityís experienced team can provide the assistance you need. Our professionals have lead many mergers and acquisitions, as well as managed integrations both pre- and post-transaction. Additionally, we have advised on selecting investment bankers and targeted the necessary financing sources to complete a transaction. Revenue Velocity helps its clients prepare their business plans before they go out to meet the capital markets. In many cases, we will partner with other professional service firms that are licensed broker dealers to assist our clients.

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